Deecorp Properties Ltd. (Deecorp) is a comprehensive commercial real estate company based in Vancouver, Canada. Over the past eighteen years it has acquired, developed, financed, and managed a portfolio of real estate assets with a combined value of over $300 million. Deecorp specializes in signature properties of interest for investors seeking long term positions in the North American market, with a primary focus in acquiring and optimizing street front retail assets in downtown Vancouver.

Founded by Stanley Dee in 1994, the company’s first project was the development of Robson Landmark. At the key intersection of Robson and Thurlow in downtown Vancouver, the new building became an early catalyst that vaulted Robson Street into the high profile retail district that it is today. Still in its portfolio, the property now commands some of the highest rents in the country. Since then Deecorp has expanded into other areas of development such as, renovating, repositioning and developing multifamily and mixed-use projects.

“The investors we work with want premium properties they can be proud of twenty, even fifty years down the road. They are not just in and then out of the market, looking for a quick turnover. They want to know they’ve built something worthwhile and lasting; that they’ve made a significant contribution to the community they’re investing in.” Stanley Dee.